Monday, August 29, 2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry just being himself

This photo has been distributed far and wide, but alas I must post it as well. I first saw it on the Dallas Voice Web site.

Many people who have displayed this photo have done so because they claim it shows his form in regard to an alleged sexual proclivity. It has been widely rumored that old Rick, who was a devastatingly handsome young man and still looks better than a lot of us at the same age, likes dick.

Now, I don't necessarily believe that rumor, but if for no other reason than appearances I would suggest that he nibble on those wieners on a stick rather than gulping them right down.

Rick, where are your handlers when you do these things? Even Anita would have told you that was going to come off bad.

You probably need to hire a gay person on your staff to advise you not to do things that are going to add fuel to the fire of gossip that you are a closeted homosexual. Unless you already have one on staff, which in such a case, might suggest that said queen is secretly planning to sabotage your presidential bid. Go, girl!

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