Sunday, October 2, 2011

Washington Post bombshell may finish Perry off

Someone in the know about things political recently told me a really ugly story was about to blow up about homophobic presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and I assumed it was somehow connected to the rumors about his alleged past gay life.

Imagine my surprise today when I learned the Washington Post had published a story detailing the involvement of Perry and his family in the leasing of a hunting camp in Throckmorton County in West Texas that was known as "Niggerhead." The name reportedly was once displayed in black letters on a large rock at an entrance to the camp, although it was later thinly painted over in white paint.

Perry's camp is currently involved in furious overtime damage control, claiming the name was painted over shortly after Perry's family leased the camp and began entertaining people there. The Washington Post story indicates otherwise, quoting sources (some anonymous) who claim the name remained on the rock for years.

It would appear now the gay rumors that have plauged Perry for years were nothing in comparison to this bomb that was about to blow up in the presidential candidate's face. I wonder if in their haste to begin preparations for addressing the gay rumors Perry's handlers overlooked this monster lurking in the background?

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