Sunday, December 30, 2012

Homophobic bloggers blame 'gay card' for website destruction; no forgiveness in sight

The Rare Reporter's story of the year for 2012 would have to be about the night he allegedly, single-handedly destroyed a website by playing his gay card during a quarrel with about a half-dozen anonymous hateful bloggers.

Over at the reincarnation of the old website they are still sniping at The Rare Reporter about that fateful night of about a month ago, which I previously reported here:

The story they repeatedly refer to is that a cranky old queen who is so senile he can hardly find his way to the liquor store and back, jumped one night drunk into the middle of one of their respectful discussions and caused all holy hell to break out. It seems, according to them, that no one had ever used homophobic language until I came on the scene, even though I previously had been advised I had been the subject of such hateful discussions. At any rate, it didn't take long when I entered the website with my picture and name for the snakes to strike.

Now, they claim I played my gay card and convinced the website hosting company to shut them down. The truth is that I was too busy at the time fighting off hostile remarks to make a complaint, and I have since been told that another party observing the action actually filed the complaint.

What the head blogger and his disciples cannot seem to understand is that it wasn't the complaint that got them shut down. It was their homophobic, ageist language that proved to be their undoing. The complaint only drew attention to the language.

No matter, it's good lesson to learn about the power of the gay card. I certainly will never leave home without it again, and I suggest that everyone else -- even if you are straight -- apply for one too.

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