Saturday, March 9, 2013

COTL Church visit helps Jason & DeMarco reach fundraising goal for concert tour

PAYNE SPRINGS, TX -- Celebration on the Lake Church's congregation showed its appreciation to the gay Christian singing duo of Jason & DeMarco by helping them reach the goal they had set for making their "Celebrating Families of Diversity" concert tour feasible.

Cedar Creek Lake was the last stop of the duo's Southwest U.S. Tour that took them, their two sons and other family members in a recreational vehicle from Houston to California and back from Feb. 1 through March 8.

Jason Warner told the congregation they had discovered the turnout for performances in churches and theaters had proved to be disappointing in the theaters, but the church audiences had made up the differences during love offerings. The tour needed to raise $1,750 more to reach their goal, he said.

Mike Kitchens, a COTL board member, said the church made up the difference between what the audience of 50 donated and what the concert tour needed to be profitable.

"The fellows walked away on the journey to home in Houston with $1,750 thanks to a donation by the Celebration on the Lake Church, as well as the love offering," Kitchens said.

He described the concert at the church as "moving, spiritually uplifting, talented and just unbelievably professional."

The concert included a story and video about the duo's work helping troubled LGBT youth and how they became the fathers of biological children "from embryo to twin boys."

Pastor Kathy Barton said the church was grateful for Jason & DeMarco returning to perform on Cedar Creek Lake after their visit last year.

"The guys were brilliant and held the audience spell bound," Barton said. "We can never thank them enough."

Celebration on the Lake Church is primarily a LGBT church that welcomes people of all religious backgrounds from Judaism to Christianity.

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