Friday, May 3, 2013

Texas libel plaintiff settles with Google, he vows to pursue 'scumbag' John Does

DALLAS -- A Texas man who filed a defamation suit against Google and three John Doe defendants has settled with Google, but the anonymous bloggers, whom he referred to as "scumbags," still must answer for their actions, he said.

John Margetis and Google lawyer Charles Babcock signed an Agreed Order Granting Dismissal With Prejudice of all claims against Google, Inc. on April 3. The order, signed by Judge Ken Molberg of 95th District Court, does not dismiss any claims against the John Doe defendants, Margetis noted.

"There will be justice," Margetis said in a brief telephone interview today. "I promise you that."

The order notes that Margetis and Google will each pay for their own legal fees in connection with the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Ginger Snap, one of the bloggers targeted by Margetis, proclaimed victory on the blog Ginger Snap said, "...,Margetis was awarded jack, together with squat with the words in all caps WITH PREJUDICE. And no, that's not the kind of prejudice you can play your gay card means don't you ever waddle up these court steps again with such a pointless, frivolous waste of time."

Among the claims in the lawsuit, Ginger Snap had accused Margetis of being the homosexual lover of former Ellis County Observer blog author Joey G. Dauben, who is now serving a felony prison sentence for sexual assault of a child and for fraudulent use of identifying information in a story he wrote on his blog. Both Margetis and Dauben, who once were associates but reportedly now are enemies, denied any such romantic relationship ever took place.

Curtis Butler, who is also a former associate of Dauben's and apparently had a falling out with him as well, claims that he originally raised the question about the nature of the relationship between Dauben and Margetis.

Ginger Snap denied every accusing them of being in a homosexual relationship, saying the post only raised the question if they were homosexual lovers.

Ginger Snap posts critical stories about people on almost a daily basis. A loyal band of anonymous followers join in the criticism in the comments section almost around the clock. Many people describe the posts and comments as vicious attacks on their character. The most recent target, Bill Windsor of Lawless America, has filed a lawsuit against one of the blog followers that reportedly includes 1,000 John Doe defendants.

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The other two John Doe defendants, OReader and Ollie Reader, which are reportedly the same person, took the blog, down after the lawsuit was filed in February. Ginger Snap said the author of that blog took it down voluntarily and could restart it at will.

Ginger Snap said the lawsuit had only succeeded in producing documents about Margetis' history that entertained the blog followers.

The Dallas District Clerk's office shows the case has been closed so a new lawsuit would need to be filed to pursue the John Doe defendants. One of the items Margetis sought in the lawsuit was the identities of the anonymous bloggers.


  1. It's only a matter of time until one of the Joeys crosses the line with the wrong person. These people literally spend their days examining every word and action of their enemies' under a microscope. Reality is boring so they presume and imagine facts sufficient to justify their obsessions.

    Most of them have no understanding of law. Their propensity to invent facts, combined with their ignorance of the law is a recipe for disaster.

    I told the Joeys months ago that when LA collapsed, Windsor would turn his attention to suing his enemies. That process has begun, and at least one of the Joeys is going to learn some hard lessons about civil litigation.

    The rest of the Joey genii think they are invincible, lol. In my experience, such confidence is the hallmark of a fool.

    I began watching Windsor self-destruct over two years ago. Now I also follow the Joeys, as if it's a spin off show, lol. The only difference between the two dramadies is that the Joeys have a larger cast of idiots and they feed off of one another.

  2. Oh dear, one of the Joeys has some questions about what I posted above. I'm usually happy to answer questions, but I've learned there is no point in it with the Joeys. I've never seen one of them own their shit. When confronted with actual facts, they divert attention away from the fact that they have been proven wrong, by launching a personal attack on the messenger. The Joey genii are a pathetic lot.