Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boston to host gathering of LGBT journalists

What a great time of year for a quick getaway to New England. The Rare Reporter is escaping the unrelenting heat of the Texas summer as he heads to Boston for the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association's 22nd Convention and Ninth LGBT Media Summit.

That's right folks. It's informative, fun and tax-deductible so I'll be saving my receipts for sure.

I'll be joining hundreds of other media professionals at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers, which is in the Back Bay neighborhood near the city's South End gay entertainment district. The four-day event Aug. 22-25 will include 40 workshops, speaker luncheons, social events and dinners out on the town.

I've been to a number of these conferences over the years -- San Diego, New York City and Montreal to name a few -- where I always enjoy seeing journalists I've met in years past and making new friends to look forward to seeing again in the future. The workshops are always interesting, and of course, it's always fun to see big-name media celebrities in person.

This year, I will be honored to participate as a panelist in two workshops, "Boomer or Bust: Serving the Over-50 LGBT Population" and "Gay Press, Gay Power, Ensuring LGBT Media Future by Examining It's Past."

So Boston, here I come. I am so looking forward to visiting you for the first time.

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