Friday, November 22, 2013

Mr. Mickey joins The Rare Reporter

It didn't take even a whole week for The Rare Reporter to acquire a new canine companion after Queenie's death Nov. 11. Mr. Mickey, a 6-year-old schnauzer, arrived Nov. 17.

Happy Tails, a Cedar Creek Lake animal rescue group run by founder Tina Hamilton, delivered him for foster care until an adoption could be arranged. But within a couple of hours, The Rare Reporter decided Mr. Mickey would be remaining permanently.

Mr.Mickey and The Rare Reporter are still getting used to each other, but it looks like everything will be just hunky dory.

Within minutes of Mr. Mickey and The Rare Reporter meeting, the song, "Only Love Can Break a Heart," played on the car radio. The next verse was "only love can mend it again." It was a clear sign that Mr. Mickey should become a member of the household because that song had played on the radio upon the death of another beloved pet's death earlier.

Mr. Mickey left behind a female mate at the house where he formerly lived where the husband and wife got a divorce. They decided to give up the dogs. He was supposed to arrive with her, but the wife decided at the last moment to keep his female mate.

If the wife decides later to give up Mr. Mickey's mate, I will adopt her too.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Queenie the Schnoodle takes final trip

Queenie came to live with me in August 2003 when she was four-weeks-old. She fit in the palms of my hands.

She grew to be a beautiful white Schnoodle who was by my side most of those 10-plus years. She loved to go for rides in the car with me.

For the past week she had been sick at her stomach, and the medications didn't seem to help. After a particularly rough weekend, I took her to the vet this morning for extensive testing. It turned out she had liver cancer, and she was suffering greatly from it. She lost 12 pounds during the last year.

So it turned out to be her last car ride, and I miss her very much.